Smart IoT Hydroponic Solution


Smart IoT Hydroponic Solution


aspara STEM consists of STEM smart grower, web portal and experimental kit which works as a perfect smart IoT hydroponic solution for STEM.

Why aspara STEM is perfect for STEM?

A. Create environments for explorations & experiments

B. Integrate learning elements from KLAs (Key Learning Area)

C. Allow design of different experiments suitable for different grades

Features of aspara STEM make it perfect for STEM

1. aspara STEM smart grower

2. aspara STEM web portal

3. aspara experimental seed kit

4. Little Scientist - aspara Life Science Kit


Why aspara STEM is perfect for STEM?

A. To create environments for explorations & experiments

  1. Variable Light Intensity, Light Spectrum & Light Period
    Effect of various light intensity/photo period/light spectrum on plant growth

  2. ​Variable Water Flow
    Effect of various water flow interval/flow cycles on plant growth

  3. Nutrient Detection
    Effect on different nutrient concentration/composition on plant growth

  4. Air, Water Temperature & Humidity Sensors
    Effect of different temperature/humidity on plant growth

  5. aspara Mobile App
    Access data for multiple aspara
    Remote monitor & control

  6. aspara STEM Web Portal
    Allow specific settings for each aspara
    Remote monitor & allow data download for experimental analysis

And more... See more aspara STEM features below and be creative to design your own experiments.

20190819 Leung Sek Chee College.jpeg

Malvern College

Leung Shek Chee College


B. To integrate learning elements from KLAs 

School & Level


Learning elements


K.2 - K.3

Theme based

  • To develop curiosity about the environment & phenomena around

  • To enjoy exploring surroundings & the nature

Primary school

P.3 – P.6

Subject & Project based

  • To develop & practice scientific methods, sharpen their investigative skills, & reflects on their learning by using scientific investigation method

  • To provide hands-on learning experience to enhance students’ problem-solving skills

Secondary school

S.1 – S.4

20190524 Tseung Kwun O Govt School.jpg
20190903 東華三院邱子田中學1.jpg

Tseung Kwan O Government Secondary School

TWGHs Yau Tze Tin Memorial College


C. To design different experiments suitable for different grades

Possible explorations & experiments with aspara (example)

Subjects / elements




Theme / Subject based approach

Light & plant

Nature & living

GS, Maths

IS, Phys

Water flow & plant

Nature & living



Nutrient & plant

Nature & living

GS, Maths

IS, Chem, Maths

Hydroponics & plant

Nature & living
Early Maths


IS, Geog

IoT & mechanism behind

Nature & living

IT, Maths


Project based approach

Sensory evaluation


Food & culture

Quantitative analysis

Nutritional analysis


Food labeling

Nutritional science

Food shortage & the solution


Urban farming

Environmental study

20200612 香港青年協會李兆基小學2.jpg

TWGH Wong Wu Lai Ming Kindergarten

HKFYG Lee Shau Kee Primary School


Features of aspara STEM make it perfect for STEM

1. aspara STEM Smart Grower

  • Hydroponic Growing System

    Smart hydroponic system is soilless and clean, uses 90% less water and allows 50% faster growth than conventional farming.

  • ​Intelligent Grow Light
    Patent-pending grow light with unique spectrum and intensity automatically adjusts to cater different plant needs at different growth stage.

    Automatic sunrise/sunset with adjustable schedule allows user to personalize planting day/night sequence.

  • Removable Reservoir and Auto Watering

    Proprietary reverse ebb-and-flow technology brings fresh oxygenated air to the roots after each watering cycle.

    The removable reservoir helps water refill to be mess-free.

  • Smart Sensors
    Smart sensors and control system detect, monitor and accurately master the grow condition to provide best plant grow environment.
    Monitored parameters include nutrient concentration, water temperature, air temperature, humidity, light intensity, and the amount of water in the system.

  • aspara Mobile App
    Access data for multiple aspara
    The app available in both iOS and Android allows remote monitoring and control.


aspara STEM smart grower is perfect for STEM

If you are interested in aspara for home use, please find more details of aspara Nature smart grower at


Differences Between aspara STEM and aspara Nature smart grower


aspara STEM smart grower

aspara Nature smart grower

aspara STEM web portal access and support


Planting program customization


Preset planting program specific for each types of plant

Adjustable photo period


Preset photo period, can only edit sunrise time

Adjustable water running interval


Preset water running interval for each plants

Adjustable grow light intensity


Preset grow light intensity specific for each types of plant

Connected users

Max 10

Max 5


2. aspara STEM Web Portal

STEM portal_login.png
STEM portal_device.png
  • Adjustable parameters

    Parameters listed below can be set freely

    • Light intensity

    • R:B ratio

    • Photoperiod

    • Water circulation interval and number of flow per interval 

    • Day length

    • Number of days of different planting stages

  • Adjustable warning limits
    Parameters listed below can be set with warning limits

    • Maximum and minimum room temperature​

    • Maximum and minimum water temperature

    • Maximum and minimum humidity

    • Maximum and minimum water level 

    • Maximum and minimum nutrient level

  • Administration right
    Administration right can be assigned for each grower in the portal so that only assigned users can control the grower.
    Some users can be viewers to access only to raw data and reports.

  • Downloadable report
    Planting report for each planting is available in web portal to be downloaded. The report is presented with graphs, charts and data for reference or further analysis. 

STEM portal_program setup.png
STEM portal_report.png
  • Raw data for further analysis
    Raw data is accessible and downloadable in excel format for further analysis.

  • E-log book

    Web portal can act as online log book for centralised record of observational data including leaf size, leaf count, etc.
    Data entry can even be customised for inputing any other data in the record.


  • 24/7 monitoring
    aspara™ STEM smart grower records the planting parameters including water level, nutrient level, air temperature, water temperature and humidity 24 hours/ 7 days. All parameters are recorded and accessible in the web portal.

  • Custom planting program
    Except pre-set planting programs, users can create their own planting program in web portal with lighting, water-related, warning limits and planting stage length adjustable and to be customised to fit users' experiment setting.

STEM portal_graph.png
STEM portal_planting note.png

3. aspara Experimental Seed Kit

seed kit 2.0_pkg.png

There are over 30 types of seeds. Each seed kit comprises 16 seed capsules and the nutrients needed for life science exploration.​

  • Part of aspara STEM
    Easy and simple, guarantee the experimental setup 100% success

  • Environmental friendly
    The capsules are made from a bio-degradable material that can be thrown away after use.

Selected seed includes:

Leafy and Salad Vegetable


Green Lettuce






Mixed Lettuce


Blue Curled Kale


Mixed Baby Leaf


Red Lettuce





Sweet Basil







Fruits, Flower and Root Vegetales


Cherry Tomato






4. Little Scientist - aspara Life Science Kit


Spark your children’s interest in nature with Little Scientist - aspara Life Science Kit! Children can learn, experience and understand the life cycle of different plants at home safely. Let’s make home learning exciting and fun!


Easy to Use

  • Never underestimate the talent of your children!

  • With easy-to-understand instructions, children can start planting in 3 simple steps


Bonding with Family

  • Children can assemble aspara with their parents and experience the planting journey together

  • Share the produce with other family members


Captivating Content

  • Informative self-learning videos with great flexibility to learn at your own pace

  • Train your children to be in charge of the learning schedule


Mobile App

  • Monitor and record the growth of plants, take photos daily to create time-lapse videos

  • Helpful planting guidance and tips